MBP Class of 2020 College Graduates

Senior season was in full swing this month. I LOVED hanging out with these senior gals at Oklahoma State University and the University of Central Oklahoma. I decided to celebrate them in one blog post and share a few tips to make your senior session elevated and go super smoothly!

This season of life has been unexpected to all the seniors right now so I have gone into my senior sessions with a different perspective of wanting to focus more on the celebration of the milestone they are accomplishing and it has been so special!

Meet Abby, Tatiana + Meredith!


I wanted to share a few tips to make your senior session the best it can be!

  1. Incorporate your personal items- I loved adding in Tatiana’s school books as a special touch. I knew from talking to Tatiana she loved her degree and it was a great way to incorporate her passion.  Remember to bring your cap + gown along with any sashes or medals you received as well.  A few other personal items could be your favorite Starbucks drink or even your dog!


2. Confetti!! I always recommend getting larger sized confetti, instead of small glitter. It shows up better in photos, it is easier to clean up and you don’t have to use as much.  One of my clients came across this awesome find at Walmart and it actually launches the confetti for you.  I would recommend buying 2 just in case one is broken or we need to redo the shot.  Click here!

*If you can find biodegradable confetti that is even better!


3. POPPIN champagne! Buying a cheap bottle of champagne does the job just as much as a more expensive bottle. When purchasing your bottle be sure to check if it has a screw top or cork. Most seniors really want the “popping” the champagne bottle photo. Once we pop the top I have my senior put their thumb on top and THEN, when we are both ready, shake the bottle to have the champagne spew. If you don’t like champagne or don’t want to spend the money on it the sparkling juice or mocktails work just as good! I even recommend buying both and having a back up just in case we need it.


4. What to wear? I love it when my seniors wear a dress/skirt for cap + gown photos and have another outfit that celebrates their college. As you can see above, Meredith is wearing a dress with her cap + gown and it really elevated the look. In most cases, you probably bought a super cute dress for graduation day anyways so I recommend wearing that. If it is a maxi dress I would not recommend wearing it because long dresses with a gown don’t always flatter your body. Below, you can see Abby is wearing her college t-shirt in a SUPER flattering and cute way with her heels and cap to show she is a graduate. I love getting variety in your photos and adding props/shoes/jackets are great additions.  *Bonus tip- wear your favorite outfit second!

When you book a senior session with me I include a 9 page style guide that tells you exactly what to wear/avoid, including makeup and hair tips!


I hope you enjoyed these tips! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at hello.mckaylabee@gmail.com or @mckaylabeephoto on Instagram.

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XO, McKayla

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