You can usually find me pretty close to my little man, Maxwell; busy eating wedding cake, doing CrossFit, traveling, watching Friends or on my computer editing photos!

Thanks for visiting to learn a little about me!  A few years ago, if you had told me I’d have the opportunity to share my love for travel and people through photography full-time, I totally would not have believed you!  I got married young, and after being in our Oklahoma town for a few years, we got the opportunity of a lifetime to move to a 100 mile wide island in the Caribbean, so we WENT FOR IT.   It also became a time for me to grow my knowledge in cameras, website design and marketing!
A year later, we found ourselves starting another adventure back in Oklahoma- and really began my big push into serving clients in my photography business. I officially got my LLC March 2019 and I have not looked back since!
The best part of my life is that I get to do it with my three best friends; my lovable, bulldog Penelope, my adorable son, Max and of course, my handsome husband!  I am a dreamer, I am a Christian, I don't have all the answers, I wear neutral colors 5 out of 7 days and I strive to BE KIND in every opportunity.

What makes me different? I know there are many qualified photographers in the industry, so why pick me?
I love sharing my "why" with my clients and you can see the full story over on my IGTV, but these are the three reasons why I love being a photographer. 
1. I am an encourager at heart and it makes me so happy to encourage you all through your session or wedding day.
2. My husband and I got married to 7 years ago and I remember thinking the most important thing was that we actually got married (good thing I did because my wedding cake fell). I carry that thinking over into your wedding day and prioritize my bride + groom. There are many elements to a wedding day that I love but most importantly I love supporting and celebrating the marriage that my couple are entering into!
3. I am lucky enough to capture the sweetest moments in your life and I get to gift those moments to you all over and over again with photographs. It truly is the sweetest!


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