A Day in Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico | McKayla Bee

When you ask for recommendations in Puerto Rico, Cabo Rojo is definitely one you will hear often. It is in the furthest Southwest corner of Puerto Rico and is in the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge. Like I have said before the scenery in Puerto Rico is different all over and Cabo Rojo is known for beautiful beaches but also very tall cliffs and rock formations. It is beyond beautiful and really surprised me.
We started early in the day and drove from our home in Caguas, it took a little over 2 hours to get to Playa Sucia. We walked around Playa Sucia (they are working on renaming it to a more appropriate name, because it is not a dirty beach) and made our way to Los Morrillos Lighthouse. It did not seem like an active lighthouse and did not look like you could access the inside. But I had seen a ton of pictures of it so I knew what we were looking for. Around the lighthouse are some beautiful cliffs and they are not restricted so be very careful! We went on a super windy day too and it was not smart to get to the edge.

I will also attach my YouTube video at the end of this blog, so you all can see us in action as well!
We then made our way to the Puenta De Piedra arch. I had this beautiful spot on our list to visit but I could never find the name of it, but I did know it was in Cabo Rojo. We kept seeing people walk over on the west side of the lighthouse so we wanted to go see what everyone was looking at. We stumbled up it and there it was my arch rock I had been searching for. It made the whole experience even more exciting because I was not going to leave without seeing it!

When you leave or arrive to Cabo Rojo you will probably see the Las Salinas as you drive to Playa Sucia. This is what is know as the “pink beach” area. While it is not a pink beach or pink sand it is an area that is pink. For some reason the water turns pink and I believe it is all part of the process of making salt, but don’t quote me on that!! As we drove by we stopped for a quick photo. This is a secured area but I have seen a few peoples photos past the gates and honestly in PR that is very normal. But we didn’t want to risk it by passing the line!

Next stop was Combate Beach and this is where we spent the rest of the day. I would recommend parking by Annie’s Restaurant and walking from there. We went to the South of Annies and hung out on the beach all afternoon. You can walk over to the restaurant and grab drinks and take them to the beach. We packed a lunch and just enjoyed relaxing at the beach. Looking back it honestly is one of my favorite beaches in Puerto Rico because it felt like a stranded island. There were no waves because there must be a reef that stops the waves, it also was super quiet and all you could see is blue. The sun seemed to be stronger there than other areas on the island so I would double up on sunscreen. Then head to Annies and for dinner and watch the sun set to complete an amazing day!

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