A Day In Old San Juan

Welcome back guys!
If you are visiting Puerto Rico for a week, day, 2 hours, you have to visit Old San Juan. Old San Juan is known for the Spanish culture, bright colored buildings and cobblestone streets. It is the oldest part of Puerto Rico, dating back to the early 1500’s. My mom was in town for a few days so we knew we wanted to spend a day in Old San Juan. Our first stop was Castillo San Felipe Del Morro, I generally called it El Morro because thats easier to say. Uber would probably the best way to get there if you are staying in Condado or nearby, but if you have a car I recommend parking in the Ballaja Parking Lot to save time by not driving up and down the tiny streets to find a parking spot. It is the best spot I have found to park down there and is not a super long walk to everything.

El Morro, is a fortress built by the Spanish and they controlled it from 1539-1898. They built it to guard the port entrance of San Juan. It still stands as it did in the 1500’s, but has had some cosmetic updates. It became a historic site in 1983, so now we can all see it! It will most likely be very hot, so be sure to take water! They do have bathrooms inside the fortress. It is $7 per adult to enter.


Next, we hopped into the car and found a parking garage located further South toward Calle Fortaleza.  I have also left my car at the Ballaji parking and it was not a bad walk, totally up to you!  Google Maps should pop up a few options, DO NOT use Apple Maps.

I really like Pirilo pizza so we stopped there for lunch, SO YUM! Their fried cheese is amazing people!!! Another restaurant that we have enjoyed is The Chapel and it is on the corner right by the umbrellas!

After lunch, we walk west on Calle Fortaleza to the Paseo de Sombrillas- it is a small area on the street where you are covered with brightly, colored umbrellas! I think in different seasons, they rotate what is above but the umbrellas were there when we went!

Our last stop was Señor Paleta! A super yummy fresh popsicle spot! They have tons of flavors, from strawberry mojito to Nutella! It is the perfect treat to cool you off after walking all day!


That is a full day of Old San Juan! I would totally recommend to take a camera and wonder around the beautiful streets or stop by a little bar for an amazing mojito! They are seriously so good anywhere you go!!! If you all have questions, be sure to share below!

And be sure to check out my YouTube video featuring Old San Juan here!

XO McKayla

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